With Mbugua head of Kamiti Prison during Guiding and Counselling Prisoners and Giving them Hope in Life

It is not really a feeling that can be put into words; I was immediately overwhelmed by a flurry of emotions almost as instantly as I went through the gate of the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, one of Kenya’s worst and most feared prisons. I guess it was curiosity, excitement and anxiety all rolled into one.

I got to visit Kamiti Maximum Security Prison this past week, a trip that fondly awakened distant memories of my first visit to a prison in the early 2000s.

My Experience at Kamiti Prison

I remember feeling very anxious when I first entered the section where the inmates reside, just based on the idea that I’ll be confined with some of the most heinous criminals ever. It is a maximum-security prison reserved for the most hardcore criminals and convicts, serving time for some of the most unimaginable crimes, from the defilement of children to robbery with violence and even murder.

The area is just a large mass of bare brown ground, with a few flowers and bushes scattered at the edges of pavements and along perimeters. High guard towers can be seen from all views, even though I didn’t quite see any of them being manned.

A few prisoners stroll around the bare yard, many, in addition to their torn and worn out striped black and white uniform, donning orange sweaters and hats due to the extreme cold this time of the year.

The buildings the inmates reside in feature old colonial designs, having extremely high and thick walls lacking windows.

From the outer world, it’s hard to feel empathy for criminals, but once inside, all the contempt mysteriously wavers. The convicts all look harmless; from young men who don’t look a day over 18 walking around with pitiful, innocent faces to haggard old men with grey and white hairs, stooping postures and empty gazes, their eyes drained of soul and life.

Once you see them, you quickly forget that many of them are incarcerated in what can easily be considered as Kenya’s worst prison for a reason. Many of the older inmates are serving life sentences, some having been in prison for decades, way longer than I have been alive and will most likely die there. Others are lucky to have had their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment after the elimination of capital punishment in 1987.

It gets even sadder when you remember how flawed the Kenyan criminal justice system and that half of the men doing time may have been wrongly imprisoned, probably fixed to save the real offenders, imprisoned because they couldn’t afford proper legal representation or because their appeals have stalled for years, even decades due to slow and inefficient judicial processes.

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Dr. Muchelule

Dr. Muchelule has a Doctorate degree in project management,
masters in project management, with another ongoing Ph.D. in
management information systems, Bachelor of Science in computer science, ISO certified systems auditor, IT Governance as well as a child protection certified expert from Harvard University, Microsoft Certified IT, professional expert, from Microsoft U.S.A., Certified senior management expert as well
as strategic leadership development expert from Kenya School of Government with over 15 years of experience in ICT, project management, and Monitoring Evaluation. Currently, he is ACCA Strategic Business Leadership National Award-Winning Mentor (2022), Grasshoppers Global Award-Winning ICT Mentor, Florida U.S.A (2019), and IBM Research Africa Emerging Technology Mentorship Award (2018). Dr. Muchelule is a key facilitator in the Office of Registrar of Political Parties(ORPP), Kenya on its mandate, As well as lead trainer/facilitator to Kajiado County Ward Managers on Monitoring & evaluation, Gulf cap top management facilitator on project design, monitoring
& evaluation on Buxton Point Affordable Housing Project Mombasa County, Kenya, Key technical member on monitoring & evaluation of Kenya Judiciary, Co-Consultant with Africa
Population & Health Research Centre (APHRC) on the development of Kenya National Sanitation Policy, Lead consultant in the Development of Monitoring, Evaluation, And Learning (MEL) Plan For National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ)- Court Users Committees (CUC), Lead consultant on the development of Gender Policy for the Kenya Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU); lead consultant on Systems Analysis and Design For Projects Information Management System for Kenya's national water harvesting and storage authority(NWHSA), Team member in the development of Kenya judiciary strategic plan, lead consultant Kenya National Treasury in the Development of Standard Methodological Manual for Project Level Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting, ICT authority Technical committee member on Digital Literacy Program Implementation among Public Schools in Kenya, lead consultant in Mennonite Economic Development Associates of Canada (“MEDA”) on Equitable Prosperity through Private Sector Development (MSAWA Project).
He is among the Founder and Executive Director of the MettaMetta Foundation western region of Kenya, Technical Projects Advisor at The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), An adjunct Lecturer at Kenya School of Law, a lecturer in both public and
private sectors in Kenya namely Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Moi University, Umma University an External Examiner at Azteca University Canada & Mexico, External curriculum reviewer for Daystar, Kenya & South Eastern University of Kenya, a grasshopper’s faculty member in the U.S.A, PMI certified member U.S.A. With
working experience in development partner agencies like ACORD, MUBADIROON in sub-Sahara Africa, AMREF-Maanisha programme-Kenya, Mumias Muslim Community Programme (MUMCOP)Kenya, Technical and Financial Audit for a Safe Programming in Kakuma & Dadaab Refugee Camps by International Rescue Committee. Dr. Muchelule has published more than 100 scientific peer-reviewed journals articles in various fields of applied, social & management sciences as well as on societies issues with applicable solutions to their problems through research; currently, he is a member of the community of Researchers for Global Journals for UK and USA and a Fellow Reviewer for both International Journal for Economics, Commerce, and Management, as well as an editorial research board member of Lakenya University, Kenya, and a coordinator of the
incubation hub as well research committee board member Umma University, Kenya; as well as a committee member of the ICT master plan for Kenya Vision 2030.

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