Allah Disobedience

Disobeying Allah can’t keep you happy forever. The sin that keeps you happy will eventually consume you and leave you empty and alone.

A few consequences of sinning/disobeying Allāh

Imaam Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله listed a few consequences of sinning/disobeying Allāh:

• Lack of success
• Corrupt views
• Blindness from truth
• Corruption of the heart
• Failing to remember Allāh
• Wasting of time
• Avoidance and hate by the creation
• Separation between the servant and his Lord
• Supplication not being answered
• Hardness of the heart
• Decaying of blessing in provision and age
• Prevention from attaining knowledge
• Humiliation
• Insults from the enemies
• Constriction of the chest
• Affliction with evil friendship, those who corrupt the heart and make one waste the time
• Prolonging of sadness and grief
• Miserable life
• Disappointment

All this results from sinning and and neglecting to remember Allāh, just as crops are grown by being watered and are consumed by fire.

● [كتاب الفوائد للإمام ابن القيم صفحة ٦٢]

May Allaah protect us from major and minor sins and forgive us for the sins we have committed.

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