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Let our behavior and manners be a call to Islam!

The French woman took her 14-year-old son to the Islamic Center, holding his hand, wanting him to convert to Islam. When they arrived at the center, the boy approached the imam and said: “My mother asks you to help me convert to Islam.”

The imam asked the boy: “Do you want to convert to Islam yourself?”

The boy replied, “I didn’t think about it. But my mother wants me to convert to Islam. “

The imam was surprised by the boy’s answer and asked: “Is your mother a Muslim?”

The boy replied, “No, I don’t even know why she wants me to convert to Islam.”

The imam asked him: “Where is your mother?”

The boy replied, “she is outside.”

The imam told the boy, “Go and call so I can talk to her.”

The boy went out and returned with his mother.

The imam asked the woman, “Is what I heard from your son true? Do you want him to convert to Islam even though you are not a Muslim yourself? “

The woman replied, “Yes, that’s right.”

The imam was surprised by the woman’s answer and asked: “Why?”

The boy’s mother says:

  • I have a neighbor, a Muslim,
    whenever she goes outside and takes the children to school, I see them kissing her hand. In reality, happiness never left this family.
    Dear Imam! I have not seen a single Muslim in this country who would send his parents to nursing homes. Please take my son and teach and mentor him, I hope that he will treat me as you do with your parents.

    One of the commandments of our religion is to do good to your parents. The respect shown by the young people for their mother made a neighboring woman want her son to convert to Islam and go to the Islamic Center to fulfill her wish.

How beautiful is our religion, Islam!

BROTHERS and SISTERS! Let our behavior and manners be a call to Islam!

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