The new era

There was a time when all you needed to succeed was the ability to read and write English.

After that came the era of university degree. In fact, you had the chances of getting a good job with a good salary.

Then came the era of Masters and PhD. The demands of the Labour market went higher. You had to have a masters or PhD to get a good job.

Before long it became the era of foreign degrees… employers started looking for people from foreign universities.

Now that era has ended: We are now in the era of skills. What you know and what you can do with your brain or your hands. Your level of education notwithstanding; what matters right now is the skills that you have especially new age/digital skills.

So I ask you, what are you doing to remain relevant in this season? ✍🏼✍🏼

Are you still carrying your certificate up and down with obsolete knowledge?πŸ€”πŸ€”
Or you are still blaming the government that is not even aware of your existence?😒😒

Do you even understand that “WORK” as we knew it ten years back has changed?

Are you aware that by 2025, machines and robots would have cleaned out 800,000 jobs and new market demands will evolve?

Are you preparing for the future of work or you will cross that bridge when you get there?

It will be in your best interest to start to UNLEARN, LEARN AND RELEARN.

Invest in yourself, upgrade on a daily basis.
Pay the price.
You can’t afford the price of ignorance and poverty. Its too expensive!🎯🎯

*Help realign the priorities of your kids so that they remain relevant during their era by exposing them to profitable skills side by side the normal classroom education.

About the author

Dr. Muchelule

He Is an Alumni of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) and a Grasshopper faculty member (U.S.A), PMI Certified member (U.S.A), Microsoft certified IT professional, ISO-certified Internal Auditor as well as an External examiner of Azteca University in Mexico and Canada, a scholarly friend to African University of Zimbabwe an author of various academic literatures globally and a consultant in ICT and project management fields locally and globally.

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