As our children come for holidays let’s create time for them.
Covid-19 has also stressed them.
The school studies have also pushed them some beyond limits.
They also have their fears and anxieties.
They are looking to meet a father, not a fighter.
They are looking to meet a mother, not a molester.
I could see the emotions as we requested the parents to hug their teenagers.
Some cant look their parents in the eyes, it’s too emotional.
Remember your child is your future decision-maker.
As you grow old they are growing stronger.
Allow your children to step on your feet when they are younger, remember if they are growing at a distance from your feet when they grow up you won’t stop them from stepping on your heart.
Please, fathers and mothers, listen to your children. Bring them close.
Forgive, love, mold in love.
Your child is your future.
Don’t value anyone or anything more than you value your children.
Provide, protect.
God bless our families and our children.
God provides for families as they nurture the next generation.

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Dr. Muchelule

He Is an Alumni of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) and a Grasshopper faculty member (U.S.A), PMI Certified member (U.S.A), Microsoft certified IT professional, ISO-certified Internal Auditor as well as an External examiner of Azteca University in Mexico and Canada, a scholarly friend to African University of Zimbabwe an author of various academic literatures globally and a consultant in ICT and project management fields locally and globally.

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