1. You are a married man and you have dated somebody’s wife for two years, busy spending on her like there is no tomorrow. eventually, she drops you and concentrates on her innocent husband. Calculate the percentage of time wasted. (20 marks)
  2. You bought a phone for your friend’s wife and she gave it to her husband. Using trigonometric identities, derive a general formula for this type of love. (20 marks)
  3. For Men, You’re dating around 15 ladies and every lady is demanding a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone 6s
    (a) Plot a graph of detoothers against prices of phones. (15marks)
    (b) Use your graph to estimate your future poverty (5marks)
    (c) Plot the percentage shame against the volume of apologies to your family members. (5 Mks)
  4. You are whatsapping and Facebooking other people’s wives yet you don’t want to see your wife on the social network. Calculate the Percentage Error in your thinking capacity. (20 marks)
  5. You are a civil servant, your wife is a petty trader, your combined household income is less than 1,000,000/=. Your daughter who is awaiting the GSCE result is using the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy worth 2,500, 000/= each. Calculate the Percentage of your Parental Negligence. (20 marks)
  6. For ladies, You’re a married woman and you have dated 20 guys with hard labor, use the law of diminishing Return to calculate the substance that will be left for your husband to enjoy. (20 marks)
  7. You can’t give your wife 100,000/= for a pot of soup, but you spend over 500, 000/= in bars and restaurants.
    Calculate the radius of your ‘stupidity’, take π=3.142 (20 marks)

8. You have been in the church and in your fellowship for years but your name is not in the book of LIFE because of the secret sin. Calculate the years you will spend in HELL? (30 marks)

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