Never Have It All

As soon as a plane lands at the airport, there is another plane taking off from that airport, and others lined up to take off too. They all leave to different destinations and even back to the airport you departed.

This is the way life is; When you think you have “arrived” you find others are taking off… Some to where you are coming from and others to other activities.

You may have been a housewife for lack of a job, as soon as you land your dream job, you find someone resigning to become a housewife or for greener pastures……You may be basking in all the wealth but have serious deficiencies in health…

There are people crying day and night for lack of children and yet others are crying day and night BECAUSE of their children. I have met people depressed for not being married and have met others depressed for being married. Some people are sick and tired for lack of a job while others are sick and tired OF their jobs…

I have seen parents very worried about how their kids will perform in exams while others are worried about how to take those who have performed well to good schools.

This is life…we will never have it all and it’s like chasing the wind …Instead of always being in a marathon trying to get it all enjoy what you have and where you are. Generate a thanksgiving heart and trust God to move you from one level to another.

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Dr. Muchelule

He Is an Alumni of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) and a Grasshopper faculty member (U.S.A), PMI Certified member (U.S.A), Microsoft certified IT professional, ISO-certified Internal Auditor as well as an External examiner of Azteca University in Mexico and Canada, a scholarly friend to African University of Zimbabwe an author of various academic literatures globally and a consultant in ICT and project management fields locally and globally.

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