After I had cleaned and tidied up my house, my brother phoned me and said, “My wife and I are coming to visit you.”

I went to my kitchen to prepare something for them, but I could not find anything available to serve them.

After much thought and search, all I could lay my hands on were a few oranges. Therefore, I made two cups of cold juice immediately.

When my brother and his wife arrived I was shocked to see his mother-in-law with them, who came to visit us for the first time.

So I served the two cups of juice to his wife and her mother, and I placed a cup of water in front of my brother, saying, ‘I know that you like Sprite.’

He drank a sip and realized that it was water.

And suddenly his mother-in-law said, I’m feeling for sprite. Please give it to me!

Here I was, baffled and caught up with embarrassment.

But my brother saved me by saying to her, ‘I will bring you a clean glass from the kitchen.’

After a while, we heard the sound of a glass breaking in the kitchen. He then came back and told his mother-in-law, ‘Sorry, it fell from my hands and the glass broke. But no problem, I will go to the shop to get another one.

His mother-in-law refused and said, “There is no need for that. It was not meant for me anyway.”

Eventually, when they were going, my brother bid me farewell placed some money into my hand, and said, “Don’t forget to clean the kitchen of the sprite so that ants do not come.” And he bid me farewell with a smile and love.

In this way, my brother considered my feelings and concealed my shortcoming.

When you’re in a position, use it to lift others.
Running anyone down will never make you better!

Let me ask, how do you treat your siblings, friends, family, colleagues, etc? Do you cover up their shame or do you expose them?
A food for thought!

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Dr. Muchelule

Dr. Muchelule has a doctorate in project management, masters in project management, with another ongoing Ph.D. in management information systems, bachelor of computer science, ISO certified systems auditor, child protection certified expert from Havard University, Microsoft Certified IT professional expert from Microsoft U.S.A. with over 15 years of experience in ICT, project management, Monitoring&Evaluation, Assets Tracking, Inventory Management; gender mainstream & advocacy, child protection, Islamic finance, quality management, Research, Evidence and Learning (RMEL). He has been a key facilitator of Kenya School of Law on areas of research, Project Management & monitoring & evaluation, As well as lead trainer/facilitator to Kajiado County Ward Managers on Monitoring & evaluation, Gulf cap top management facilitator on project design, monitoring & evaluation on Buxton Point Affordable Housing Project Mombasa County, Kenya, Key technical member on monitoring & evaluation of Kenya judiciary, Lead consultant in Development of Monitoring, Evaluation And Learning (MEL) Plan For National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ)- Court Users Committees (CUC), Lead consultant on the development of Gender Policy for the Kenya Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU); lead consultant on Systems Analysis and Design For Projects Information Management System for Kenya national water harvesting and storage authority(NWHSA), lead consultant Kenya National Treasury in the Development of Standard Methodological Manual for Project Level Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting, ICT authority Technical committee member on Digital Literacy Program Implementation among Public Primary Schools in Kenya. He is among the Founder and Executive Director of MettaMetta Foundation western region of Kenya, Technical Projects Advisor at The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), A lecturer in both public and private sectors in Kenya namely Umma University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Moi University, an External Examiner at Azteca University Canada & Mexico, a grasshopper’s faculty member in the U.S.A, PMI certified member U.S.A. With working experience in development partner agencies like ACORD, MUBADIROON in sub-Sahara Africa, AMREF-Maanisha programme-Kenya, Mumias Muslim Community Programme (MUMCOP)Kenya, Technical and Financial Audit for a Safe Programming in Kakuma & Dadaab Refugee Camps by International Rescue Committee. Dr. Muchelule has led many initiatives in the development of result chains/Theories of Change as tools to articulate the desired results, with sound knowledge and skills of design and deployment of information management systems on effective decisions making. Dr. Muchelule has published more than 60 scientific peer-reviewed journals articles in various fields of applied, social & management sciences as well as in business and humanities; currently, he is a member of the Community of Researchers for Global Journals for UK and USA and a Fellow Reviewer for both International Journal for Economics, Commerce, and Management, as well as an editorial research board member of Lukenya University, Kenya and a coordinator of the income-generating unit and research committee board member Umma University, Kenya; as well as a committee member of ICT master plan for Kenya Vision 2030.

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