01- Don’t get involved in your children’s lives too much unless they invite you.

02- Do not interfere with the education of grandchildren unless your children ask of your opinion.

03- Love or at least tolerate your son-in-law and daughter-in-law, it was your son or daughter’s choice.

04- Never take sides or give your opinion on their marriage unless issues are brought before you and be fair to both sides.

05- Don’t make yourself an elderly complainer.

06- Don’t be an elderly person feeling sorry for yourself.

07- Don’t complain or insult anyone around you. Exhaust all avenues to correct wrongdoing in your home.

08- Have plans for the future. But don’t stress yourself too much, sleep well. Drink a lot of water during the day.

09- Don’t talk about illnesses. By complaining always. Rest assured, nobody wants to know. But you will be fine at all cost.

10- No matter how much you earn, save a portion every month.

11- Don’t procrastinate, the elderly don’t deserve this. Attend to important family issues promptly and urgently.

12- Have a health plan or save money for medical expenses.

13- Save money for urgent needs it’s not worth bothering others with borrowing money.

14- Don’t leave “problems” for your children. Like lands litigation or lawsuits or debts.

15- Don’t stay too connected to the news of politics, after all, you won’t solve anything anyway.

16- Watch TV for fun or education not to be stressed. Listen to music and songs to uplift your spirit.

17- If you like, have a pet to keep you occupied.

18- When you get up: walk, cook, sew, garden, but don’t stand still and wait for death.

19- ​​Be as clean and smelling good old man/woman. Put on nice clothes if you’re appearing in public.

20- Have joy for being old, be proud of yourself and who you are.

21- Have a house where everyone wants to go and not stay away. That just depends on you. Be a welcoming person always.

22- Use age and good memories as a bridge to the future and never a ladder to the past.

23- Remember: it’s better to leave good memories than regrets.

24- Have fun. Smile and make others smile. A smile makes anyone’s day better.

Finally ,
25- Don’t leave what pleases you for tomorrow, it might be too late! Let your yes be yes always, be trustworthy always.


🤔 Above all be at peace with yourself your family, your children and all around you.

God bless us all as we get old slowly .💕

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